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International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Sean M. O'Brien
General President

Building Better Lives. Together.
That's what the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is all about.
To make life better for Teamsters members and their families—and for all working families—the Teamsters organize the unorganized, make workers' voices heard in the corridors of power, negotiate contracts that make the American dream a reality for millions, protect workers' health and safety, and fight to keep jobs in North America.

Today's Teamsters are a community of workers, fueled by a contagious spirit that is equal part compassion, commitment, creativity, solidarity, and strength. Collectively, we are dedicated to the ultimate tenet of the trade union movement—the commitment to enhance the lives of our members all across North America . . . and to win justice for working families.


By Phone: (202) 624-6800
By Mail: International Brotherhood of Teamsters
25 Louisiana Ave.
NW, Washington, DC
Website: www.teamster.org