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Off Work? Laid Off, Long Term Disability or Workers Comp

Don't Forget Your Withdrawal Card

With the struggling economy, the ongoing effects of layoffs are hitting all of us financially and emotionally. Many employers who have never had cutbacks are facing them right now. One area where you may find a small measure of help is your ability to stop your union dues/fees during your period of layoff.  As long as your dues and fees are current, you can take a withdrawal card. Just remember, if you work one day in a month, you owe for the whole month.

You do have the right to continue to pay your dues/fees for up to 6 months without working in the jurisdiction of the Local. However if you are unemployed for six (6) months after the month in which you first becomes unemployed, the Local Union must issue you a honorable withdrawal card if you are still in good standing at that time unless, you are unemployed because you are on sick leave, Family Medical Leave or workers compensation and retain reemployment rights with an employer that has a contract with the Local.

If you take a withdrawal and are recalled to work, you must advise the Local Union so that we can reactivate your dues billing. Some employers let us know when someone returns, others do not. It would be a terrible shock to you if you are back for many months and the Local bills you all those back dues at one time. A withdrawal card does not affect any of your rights to recall or reemployment you may have under a collective bargaining agreement.

A member, to whom a withdrawal card has been issued, needs to know a few things up front:

  • If you have children wishing to participate in the Local 443 Scholarship Program, they may not be eligible to participate if you are on withdrawal.
  • A withdrawal will break your continuous good standing.
  • The Union’s $1,000.00 Death Benefit from the Local Union would not apply.

To request a withdrawal card contact Teamsters Local 443,
at 203.624.5185 or Toll Free at 1.888.564.6443.

We hope to have all of you back in the future!

Fraternally yours,

Salvatore J. Abate
Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer



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